A Conversation with an 11th Grade High School Student, After His Astonishing Success with RSvP

rsvp-conversationAuthor – Helen B. Simyak
Student -Scott

How old are you, Scott?


And Scott, how long have you been attending public or private schools?

I guess …maybe…13 years.

What seemed to be your problem?

I wasn’t able to read well enough to get through school and practically not at all.

How long have you been working on RSvP, this new program?

For about a month.

What do you feel that this program has done for you?

It has improved my reading considerably and my spelling somewhat, and ….like, I can read books that I couldn’t read before with a lot less problems doing it.

Now what is it that you can do with words that you couldn’t do before?

I’m analyzing, and I know how to break words up to get the right sounds in all the spelling patterns and that sort of thing.

What does this program do for you that all the other programs that you worked with in the past were not able to do?

It was able to teach me to read. The other programs just didn’t work. I just didn’t get anything out of them and this program has done a lot.

Why do you think this one has done it while the others failed?

Well…..because the other programs…..they just kind of give you something…then it’s kind of forgotten about, and so by the time you get to the next thing you need, the other thing is not there anymore, and this thing (RSvP) brings them all together and keeps adding to the little things. You start out with something small, and it keeps building and building on to it without ever forgetting the first thing you learned.

What are some other things in the program that you noticed are different from the programs you have had in the past?

Well, it’s a lot faster for one thing. And it’s a lot easier to go through than the other ones, and you get a lot more out of it.

Would you recommend this program for other students?

Yes, I highly recommend it, because it worked for me, and I had virtually every program or Reading Specialist that I could get until this time, and none of them worked, and this worked for me, and if it works for me, it’ll work for everybody else just the same way.

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