Long and Short Vowels

no long or short vowels in Reading and Spelling via Phonics RSvPI suppose that some of you have noticed that I have not referred to any vowel sound as “long” or “short”. Those words are not used in RSvP™ Step by Step. I have found in my experience that students don’t get it. When I ask a student what he/she knows about vowels, invariably they will say “They are long and short.” And I will ask, “What is a long vowel?” And the reply is “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,” holding the sound of the Name A for as long as they can hold the breath. When I ask them what a short vowel is, they reply with a quick A, again a Name A, cutting it off to make it short. Well, that bit of misinformation will get them nowhere in reaching their potentials in reading.

RSvP™ Step by Step uses the term Name Vowel instead of long vowel since it always says its name. The term Closed Vowel is used instead of short vowel because it reinforces the concept of the closed vowel being followed by a consonant in a closed syllable as in cat, hen, pig, fox, and bug.

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