The Reason for RSvP™ Step by Step’s Success – Family of Sounds

RSvP Sound FamilyThe sequence that I use to teach vowel sounds introduces each vowel in a “family” of sounds. Thus, the student learns all the common and regular vowel sounds and spelling patterns of Aa before moving on to Ee, Ii, Oo, and Uu. Learning the vowel sounds in this way makes it easy for students to familiarize themselves with the sounds of each vowel and the spelling patterns that direct him/her to those sounds.

As soon as the student learns the spelling pattern, he/she takes a spelling test using that vowel sound and spelling pattern. How thrilled they are to be spelling and reading all the words that use the first vowel sound and spelling pattern students have learned, and this excites them about learning the next vowel sound and spelling pattern in the family. Also, reinforcement lessons are used that include vocabulary lists with words containing the vowel sound and spelling pattern they have just learned. Sentence reading trains the students to use context to determine the missing word along with the vowel sound and spelling pattern they have just learned.

Success for the student is built into the RSvP™ Step by Step program. As they see themselves learning new concepts and actually reading, many of them for the first time, they can’t wait to get to the next lesson!

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