Reading is not a guessing game

In RSvP™  Step by Step students learn that the vowel Aa has 4 different sounds in 10 different spelling patterns , and they learn all of these common and regular sounds, the key word for each sound, and the most common and regular patterns in the Aa Family before moving on to the Ee Family, the Ii Family, and so on. When students are finished with RSvP™ they will be familiar with 18 common and regular vowel sounds and 42 spelling patterns. When they read, they will use the skills they have learned.

A good reader knows why a word is pronounced as it is. Too many teachers make “guessing” the only component in word recognition. Too many times I have observed teachers prodding students by saying, “Guess. What do you think that word says? Guess.” Reading is not a guessing game. RSvP™ Step by Step systematically trains the student first to recognize the spelling patterns in each word, then to apply the proper sound to the vowel in each syllable and, if this doesn’t immediately give him the word, to use the context along with the spelling patterns to arrive at the proper pronunciation.

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