Older Students Are Embarrassed by Infantile Approaches to Their Reading Problems

rsvp reading and spelling via phonicsThe first thing one notices about RSvP™ Step by Step is that it is a program developed with one goal in mind: to meet the needs of the older student with disabilities. Since the older student is usually able to handle the consonants of the language, the emphasis at this level is on the vowels, syllables, and on structural analysis. Each consonant, except h, w, and y, carries its sound in its name. As the student names the consonant, he extracts the sound for the consonant. However, if a student exhibits some difficulty with a particular consonant, that consonant is taught diagnostically. By that I mean that the troublesome consonant is given attention in a special lesson. A sample lesson is demonstrated for that problem in the RSvP™ Step by Step Instructor Guide.

What the older remedial student most needs is to study vowel sounds. This involves learning the patterns in which the sound appears and learning a key word for the sound and pattern so that it will be easy to remember. Thus, the student learns to blend sounds and patterns into words. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Well, it is simple if the sounds and patterns are presented in a mature, systematic approach that makes sense to the student as they add concept upon concept to build the foundation for reading success. This is what RSvP™ Step by Step is designed to do.

The challenge for the student is that they must learn all the most common and regular sounds of each vowel. Notice, I have not used the words uncommon or irregular. We deal first with what is regular and common in the language. After the student has learned the common and regular patterns and sounds, then and ONLY THEN do we introduce the less common and irregular patterns in the language. Students are then ready to deal with irregular patterns and let me assure you, they are fascinated by the English language, the beauty of its regularity, it’s predictability, and an acceptance of its irregularities.

So I began to develop my own method using my background in phonetics to develop a SYSTEMATIC phonics approach…………THAT WORKS! That was the beginning of RSvP™ Reading and Spelling via Phonics!

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