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rsvp step by stepRSvP™ Step by Step is a program that enables you to teach someone to read! It’s a program that is based on a unique understanding of how your student struggles to decode words.

It shows you how to present a program of vowel sounds, spelling patterns and key words. It gives you a method to teach the decoding of words, not just guessing.

Guessing doesn’t work…

That’s because just guessing at a word is not the way to learn how to read.

RSvP™ Step by Step shows you how to decode the words.

It shows you how just 18 vowel sounds, 42 spelling patterns and key words are used to decode words. It simplifies the process by grouping each of these into vowel families. Students will develop instant recognition of the vowel sounds, spelling patterns and key words. This is the secret to how RSvP™ Step by Step works!

And not only does it show you a Step by Step method, but it gives you, the instructor, a complete script of what to say to your student.

So what’s this script?

Each lesson provides the instructor with a running dialogue. The instructor simply reads his/her part and the student responds. The program uses different font conventions to indicate the instructor questions and the student responses. The answers to all questions, tests and exercises are included for the instructor.

You are given constant feedback from your non-reader, giving you the reassurance that they understand each and every lesson in RSvP’s Step by Step program.

How do you know if your student understands everything you teach as well as he/she should? How can you know in advance that your teaching will resonate? RSvP™ Step by Step gives you clear guidelines that enable you to see for yourself what’s missing and what’s working.

With RSvP™ Step by Step, you’re going to have consistent results.

Reason 1: The RSvP™ Step by Step program is systematic.

Reason 2: It teaches students to look through the whole word. No more guessing after the first letter.

Reason 3: It puts the student in control because it makes vowel sounds predictable.

Reason 4: Makes teaching reading via phonics easy for the instructor and understandable for the student.

Reason 5: It follows brain research. Students don’t memorize rules. They look for patterns.

So what’s in RSvP™ Step by Step? And how can it help you?

RSvP™ Step by Step is a Remedial Program written especially for older students in special education, students with learning disabilities, remedial reading and ESL classes, and adults. The 18 vowel sounds, 42 spelling patterns and 7 diacritical marks, which they must learn, help to simplify the language. The sequence, which presents the most common and regular vowel sounds and spelling patterns of one vowel family before going on to the next family, helps the student to recognize a predictable system for decoding all vowel sounds.

If a student is to grow in reading, he/she must also learn how to analyze words of more than one syllable. The careful step-by-step approach to syllabication helps the student to learn all about syllable patterns and how to use them with context in determining the pronunciation of an unknown word. Additional lessons in the structural analysis, word lists for spelling pattern review and introduction to irregular words all serve to increase the student’s perceptual skills.

The goal of RSvP™ Step by Step is that each student will become proficient in the first skill necessary to reading: the ability to decode the words they must comprehend.

RSvP™ Steps in Teaching Phonics include the following:

  1. The sound-letter relationships of the consonants.
  2. The regular sounds of each vowel and the most common patterns which make each sound.
  3. Dividing words into syllables and learning which vowel sound to use in a particular syllable.
  4. Developing flexibility in order to be able to use all the sounds of a particular vowel interchangeably.
  5. Developing skill in recognizing prefixes, suffixes and word endings.
  6. Using context as well as phonic and structural analysis to aid in word recognition.

RSvP™ uses a systematic program to achieve the above.

RSvP™ makes language predictable by arranging the presentation of the phonic elements is such a way that the student can see the regularity of the language and the relationships between the letters and the sounds they make. Each Vowel Family is taught separately; consequently students get the repetition and the review of concepts he/she needs to understand the language as a whole.

RSvP™ does not deal with “rules.” It deals with specifics. Students learn to respond to specific spelling patterns with specific sounds. Then the student is taught to perceive the printed word and respond to it correctly.

The vowel spelling patterns used in the RSvP™ program have been carefully chosen to reflect what is regular in the English language. The program concentrates on only 42 of the most common and regular patterns of the language. Students are thoroughly trained to recognize these patterns in words.

The RSvP™ program is a compact and complete course in the teaching of phonics for students who are having difficulty with word recognition. Many students complete the program in as little as three months. It should take no longer than one semester in a school year to complete the RSvP™ program.

Using the program for getting off to a fast start in mapping the relationship between letters and sounds, students are guided in reading at their proper instructional levels to continue to increase word perception and comprehension, as well as fluency and rate. By this approach, most students can quickly reach their potentials in reading.

RSvP™ Step by Step Details:


Two beautifully published and bound books. One is the RSvP™ Step by Step Instructor Guide. This guide is 218 pages and includes:

  • Scripted lessons that teach the 42 Vowel Spelling Patterns the student must learn for the Vowel Families.
  • Suggestions for teaching students who are below grade level.
  • Frequent review and assessments.
  • Directions for creation of teaching aids such as Key Word Cards, Key Word Wall Chart, Flash Cards and Spelling Pattern Cards.
  • All of the answers for each activity in the Student Activity Book.

Click here for the Instructor Sample Lesson [.pdf file]

Click here for the Instructor Guide Table of Contents [.pdf file]

The other book you must order is the RSvP™ Step by Step Student Activity Book. Be sure to order one copy for each student. This book contains 242 pages in which the student follows certain steps to learn all vowel sounds and spelling patterns for each Vowel Family as follows:

  • Writing words containing vowel spelling pattern dictation.
  • Reading these words.
  • Sentence completion with words containing the vowel spelling pattern.
  • Decoding practice to increase perception of the vowel spelling pattern.
  • Review of the vowel spelling pattern, sound and key word.
  • Auditory and visual discrimination tests.
  • Key word tests.
  • Vowel Family Tests.

Click here for Student Activity Book Sample Lesson [.pdf file]

Click here for Student Activity Book Table of Contents [.pdf file]

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